Chicago Message Board

Join the GISTChicago Message Board and
  • Share your journey with other GIST patients in the Chicago Area.  
  • Join in the planning for meetings
  • Ask other patients questions about GIST
 The GISTChicago Message Board is private.  Content is not shared with advertisers nor is it searchable on the web.  Users must be either GIST patients, family and/or support persons supporting a patient.

You can join in one of two ways:

1. Send an email request to:  
After your status is verified you will receive an invitation via email.

2.  Follow this link:  GISTChicago Message Board

You will need an email address a first and last name and a password.   We verify all new members for a valid name.  So be sure to use your 'real' first and last name. If you are already a verified user this link should take you into the log-in page for the GISTChicago Message Board.

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