Tuesday, February 5, 2013

News: Antibody hinders resistant GIST in lab

If you check this web page on a regular basis you will see news about GIST in the right-hand menu.  Yesterday there was news about a press release from Stanford University in California.  Life Raft Group Research team members Matt van de Rijn and Jonathan Fletcher have co-authored a paper about a new approach to fighting resistant GIST in the lab.  You can read the press release by clicking the title below:

Antibody hinders growth of Gleevec-resistant gastrointestinal tumors in lab tests, researchers say

You can read the associated news articles by clicking on the titles that include 'antibody' in the "GIST IN GOOGLE NEWS" or by clicking these saved links below:

Science Daily

Medical.net News

Scope blog @ Stanford Univ.

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